If you have additional questions feel free to email me! kimsmith@tcgad.com

1. HOW DO I BUY AN ORIGINAL? I create paintings, both large and small, and release them on my website throughout the year.  This will be advertised beforehand via social media and to my mailing list. They will also be available at the various art shows and gallery shows that I participate in.

2. CAN I COMMISSION A PAINTING? I do take several commissions throughout the year. Please email me for details at kimsmith@tcgad.com.

3. PRINT QUALITY & DETAILS: All reproductions in my shop are Giclee reproductions and are created using a quality printer, on paper, ready to be matted and framed. 

All Giclee reproductions are printed to order by a local printing house and take 7-10 days to arrive back in our studio then we ship them to you asap.  

4. FRAMING: I encourage framing all of your prints and originals. They look beautiful framed, and it will help protect your artwork from wear and dust.  Matting your print will make it look even more elegant.  

5. HOW IS MY ARTWORK GOING TO BE SHIPPED? Oil paintings take a substantial amount of time to dry. I will not ship a painting before it is ready to be tightly packaged (4-7 weeks from painting completion).

Most artwork, both originals and prints, will ship via USPS or UPS, and most packages arrive within 2-4 days (domestic) from time of shipping. International shipments will be sent via USPS. International buyers, please note that shipping charges may vary from the amount you pay at checkout. Please email me with questions or to get an estimate.

International Shipments – Shipping costs are calculated at checkout based on package weight and distance. If there is any discrepancy -/+ we will let you know via email. International packages are a bit outside of my control. Border fees, duties, and handling fees may be charged by other countries. Tracking is also quite unreliable with international shipments. That being said, I mail packages internationally every single week with great success overall!

Shipping costs cover fees, packaging supplies, time, labor, and storage.  

6. RETURNS: Every order, commission, and sale is handled with care and as much clarity and transparency as possible. My goal is for you to be completely thrilled with your purchase! Please read about our return policy here for more information on the process.

7. WORKSHOPS & CLASSES:  I love to host painting workshops at various beautiful locations! These creative retreats happen about 1-3 times a year, and each is more refreshing and creatively energizing than the last! (sign up for my mailing list to stay up to date on those). 

8. STOCKISTS & GALLERIES:  I am honored you would like my artwork on your walls and in your shop!  Gallery owners, please send me an email to discuss your gallery and ideas.  kimsmith@tcgad.com 

9. INTERIOR DESIGNERS:  I love working with designers because I love it when my artwork lives in a fine looking room!  I offer designers a discount on Giclee prints.  Please email kimsmith@tcgad.com so we can set up a specific coupon code for you to use frequently.  I do not offer discounts on original paintings nor do I allow my work to be marked up without consent. 

10. PRESS:  I love working with bloggers, editors, stylists, and writers! There are many images on my site that you are free to use for your article. Please credit both me & my photographers. If you have any questions, please email me at kimsmith@tcgad.com  I am always open to interviews and love sharing my story!

11. WHO ACTUALLY OWNS THE PAINTING? I retain all rights to all artwork I create. This includes the rights to the image of sold & commissioned original paintings. I retain the right to make REPRODUCTIONS OF ANY AND ALL ARTWORK I CREATE UNLESS THE COLLECTOR HAS PURCHASED THE FULL OR PARTIAL RIGHTS TO THE ARTWORK (this is in addition to purchasing the original).  

The collector or buyer may not reproduce the artwork in any way without written permission. If the artwork ends up being reproduced in a magazine or other media I only ask for credit. When you purchase an original painting you, the collector, have the right to display the artwork in your home or business but the artwork may not be resold or reproduced without my written permission.