Bluebird oil painting demo

9.18.19_bird_bluebird_youre in luck_8x8xflat.jpg

I am calling this sweet blue bird “you’re in luck.” I find naming my paintings very challenging. Sometimes a name just comes to me without effort, but that’s not usually the case. So when I hear a snippet of a thought when I’m out in the world I put it on a list in my phone and go to that list when looking for a name. And this one just fit, don’t you think? I hope you enjoy the demo of the creation if this sweet bird, and if you were looking for a painting demo of a sweet bluebird, well then, you’re in luck! Thanks to all of you who hung out with me on Instagram while I painted this sunflower today. I enjoyed my moments with you.

This was painted on Instagram during one of my live painting sessions in Instagram. You can catch me most Wednesday mornings at 7 am eastern time. Follow me on Instagram to be notified if you’d like to watch, it’s a fun and supportive group that joins me!

You can check out my current paintings here.

kim smith